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I’m Steve Alan, an artist and an art instructor. For the last 10 years I HAVE BEEN DOING WHAT I LOVE FOR A LIVING, teaching art. Now I’m ready to retire, and I want to share my journey of teaching Art Therapy classes with you. is my complete art teacher training for people of every skill and experience level.
This training will address all of your concerns and prepare you fully to step into a new career. You will be able to skip all the rookie mistakes beginners in this field make. I’m going to share all of my lesson plans, class formats, marketing materials and templates. You will learn how to approach the decision makers that will hire you AND KEEP YOU COMING BACK EVERY MONTH OR EVERY WEEK TO TEACH. You will learn what do and say to win these art class contracts every time.
All my course material is from the trenches, proven time and time again and no boring filler material. Teaching art classes has never been this good.

This is a complete course

that directly results in your ability to start a business.



I will do my part, but you have to do yours, or this class is not for you.

I will show you what I love and do best, teaching art.

This training assumes you have a basic knowledge of watercolor painting and are comfortable in leading and correcting the work of others. It also assumes you have organizational skills, and can be punctual, outgoing and positive. also, you will have to practice the lesson plan paintings and possibly make the very same mistakes you will later be correcting while teaching art classes.

If this sounds like something you could do, and you are interested in earning a great living conducting art classes, sign up for my 100% free teacher training video series. In this free video series you will be given access to information, tips, and techniques that will show you how to do what I’ve been doing, even if you’ve never had technical training or teaching experience. Teaching Art classes has never been this easy.

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This series will include access to a sample class so you can see how “Painting at the Speed of Light” works. I will show you how to cut matts and conduct an art show that gives students an incredible feeling accomplishment at the end of class. You will have access to a video about the various Venues that need art teachers and receive a simple but effective printable marketing form to help you select and keep track of your correspondence with these venues. You will also see an interview with me that answers common question and lays out your Next steps.

So sign up for this completely free video series and see how you can create a business where you call the shots and work at your own pace. I guarantee that this course will exceed your wildest expectations. It will also teach you about art therapy the fun and effective way.

Put your name and email address in the box on top and you will receive these materials right away from me.

Thanks for your time and interest!

Steve Alan

Enjoy the complete Teach Art Training!